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First Kiss


A little bonus freebie for reading this far.

Written in April 2013 for a 250 word post apocalyptic erotica challenge.

Mine is exactly 250 words. ;)



     “Drop what you’re holding,” she said as the startled man turned around in the burned out street. He saw the gun in her hand and dropped his tattered pack. “The clothes too,” she needed to make a point. He hesitated, heard the gun click and undressed. Under the filthy rags, he was clean and extremely well built. He was also extremely hard, his thick cock rose from his black thatch of pubic hair.

     She was immediately wet, it was hard to find a hot fuck around here, the mutants kept dragging people off until she was the only one left.

     She strode over and looked up into his eyes. They were dark and full of lust. She held the gun to his head, reached down and stroked his cock. He didn’t break eye contact, his tongue moistened his lips, and he groaned. She lifted her skirt, pulled herself up his body and dropped onto his cock, her legs gripped his torso and her pussy clenched him tight. He panted and she rocked her hips against him, feeling the head of his shaft hit the end of her wet heat. She kept full eye contact and the gun to his head. She came fast, tensed and shuddered with release, he followed and she felt his dick twitch his hot load into her. She sighed, dropped the gun and kissed him.

     She slid off, scooped up his things and backed away. “Wait...what’s your name?” he called out as she turned and ran.

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